Never fall off the fitness & nutrition bandwagon again and finally learn how to change your body and mindset for the rest of your life.

Learn how to give yourself permission to honor the season of life you’re in and see your life and body change in less than 6 weeks.

Let's finally create the time and space to feel energized and confident in your skin.

Stop living in the space where time is scarce; the space where you keep doing the same things over and over again; or worse, you do nothing at all, and never fully show up as the present and happy mom and wife you know you are capable of being!

The Three Step Process

Finally ditch feeling strung out, stressed out and uncomfortable in your skin by learning how to honor the season of life you are in.



Awareness helps you get a clear picture of everything you are doing.  You can get clear on how you spend your time, how you treat your body and what is realistic for your life, right now. I can’t give you directions to target if I don’t know where you are – just as you can’t get to your goal if you don’t know your starting point. 



Intention brings you through the exact process and steps to take to change your life.  Whether time is abundant or scarce, you fit your goals into your life. No restriction, unrealistic expectations or life overhaul.  Instead you gain a clear path to changing your body, your mindset and ultimately your life. 



Action is exactly what you will do and you will finally understand how to implement it. Understanding your specific tool box of tools and when to use each one appropriately helps you feel like  you can gain your life back, lose some fat, FINALLY keep it off and ultimately show up as the exceptional mom and wife you know you are.

After serving over 300+ people…

Here's What Clients Have to Say...

I give you an A+ – You are truly the best nutrition coach I’ve ever had. You listen to your clients, put a solid plan in place and adjust as needed and help us realize it’s so much more than just working out and eating healthy. Just knowing it’s ok to eat if I’m hungry has been a big change for me. I really appreciate that I do not feel like I have to starve myself. I have gained so much from working with you. I have gained strength, sleep is amazing, eating more than I ever have (a very good thing) and actually seeing and feeling positive changes in my body, rest days are important, it’s ok to just move some days and not go all out, listen to your body, etc.. All valuable and great advice. I’m extremely happy with my results.

Melissa, 55, MD

I have worked with nutrition coaches since 2016.  I’m in my 40s with auto-immune issues, so nutrition is essential for my health.   Working with GM was the first time I felt like I was actually heard. I could be authentic with my struggles and work on plans to get through the barriers. This was the first time a coach didn’t cut my calories to start but wanted to find my maintenance, and I had the best summer enjoying food and doing activities. My cuts were then so much more manageable when they happened! I went from trying to eat 1800 (constantly failing) to consistently eating 2600 calories, and nothing happened with my weight because we stopped the cutting and restricting cycle I had developed! Working with GM helped change my life and nutrition for the better!

Jaime, 40, PA

GM is a knowledgeable coach, a compassionate trainer, and one of the best personal cheerleaders you will ever meet! Her passion for her work shows in everything she does. 

I have worked with Gayle multiple times, at different seasons in my life, over the past couple of years. Even during our time off, I hear her voice and encouragement in my head regularly. 

GM does something super special as a coach which is, that she teaches you to be accountable to yourself! She helps set you up for success and helps you build a healthy foundation that you find yourself wanting to keep coming back to. Her coaching technique is a holistic one that far exceeds just what to eat and how to move. She truly helps create healthy habits and a healthy mindset.

I look forward to working with Gayle in the future again!

Mary, 48, IL

As a teacher and mom of 2 active boys, my time to put myself first became non-existent. working with GM she SEES you; she reminded me to be kind to myself, push myself when possible, eat the food and rest my body. My relationship with food and my body have never been stronger. I have never been stronger. The added bonus? I have never once felt intimidated or that she is not genuinely leading by example.

Summer, 42, PA

I have known GM for over a decade and she has been a literal life changer.

We’ve worked with personal trainers before, and yes the accountability was there, but nothing else. Upon meeting with GM I knew it would be different. She was my trainer but I quickly realized she wasn’t solely there to count the number of push-ups I did. She really cared, and I felt like she became a coach- on the physical aspect but more importantly, emotionally. She didn’t believe me when I told her I “couldn’t do something”. GM pushed me out of my comfort zone in the most supportive way possible.

Because of her, I have completed 15 half marathons. One of them a mere 10 weeks after giving birth to my daughter. I now look to her phone calls as my ‘therapy’ sessions where she is a great listener and I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders each time we talk. Any goals you have or don’t know you have, she will get you there.

Sam, 36, NC

I’ve been surrounded by sports, fitness and activity my whole life. collegiate sports, weightlifting and for the past decade crossfit and weightlifting. I always considered that I had a “handle” in my nutrition but the reality is that I was WAY off. GM was incredible! With her support, knowledge and guidance I was able to re-establish a grip on how I was fueling my body to help me continue to reach my fitness goals, not to mention open my vision that healthy means “moving” and that life is truly a balancing act. GM has such a special gift in the ability to motivate you mentally, emotionally and physically with providing tools that you’re able to integrate into a healthy life that works for you!

Morgan, 37, PA

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